Add Sales Tax to items in SchoolCash Catalog

Sales tax is being introduced as a new functionality for bookkeepers to include tax when creating items in SchoolCash Catalog. Currently, clients are using workarounds that are either inefficient or not applicable. With the release of this feature, bookkeepers will be able to dictate which items include sales tax using a toggle.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable Sales Tax in your district's SchoolCash Catalog.

How to enable Sales Tax

To enable Sales Tax in your district's SchoolCash Catalog, contact your Customer Success Manager. This feature requires a sales category and tax rate to be set up first. Once enabled, the sales tax toggle will be available on the Catalog when creating items. By default, the toggle will be turned Off. The tax row and column will be always visible, but the tax calculation will only apply when the Tax toggle is On.

When Sales Tax is enabled for your district, apply sales tax to your items by enabling the Include Sales tax toggle.

Options & Choices

When the feature is enabled, a new column “Tax” will be displayed on the Options & Choices table. The tax amount will be applied at an individual level for each choice. 

Your district's base tax rate

When Include Sales tax toggle is enabled, sales tax is automatically calculated using your school or district tax rate. Tax is calculated on the total category amount (the sum of all categories) and is shown in the Tax row at the bottom of the page when creating or viewing an item in SchoolCash Catalog.

Transactional fees are calculated on the total item amount including tax. 

Edit/Copy items

Users will be able to copy items created before the deployment of the sales tax feature. The status of the toggle can be edited as long as items have not yet been purchased. Once a purchase is made, the toggle status cannot be changed.

Additional information

Transactional fees are calculated on the total price/added cost of the item including tax. 

If rounding is enabled, the final price of the item including tax and transactional fees is rounded to the nearest quarter. This rounding amount is not taxed.

Feature restrictions

  • Sales tax is only available to transactional clients
  • Does not work with custom forms
  • Does not work with multischool items 
  • Does not work with Listed Pricing
  • Does not work with multiple tax rates 
  • Reports will display the total item price including tax