Why has the Unlisted Fee Link label changed. 

There is a new label Fee Link? It appears there is a link for both Public and Unlisted items, not just for Unlisted items.


A unique fee URL was previously available only for Unlisted items. The label was Unlisted Fee Link.

The label and unique URL is found on the SchoolCash Catalog's View Items window, at the end of the right column item details.

As of October 2022, the label was changed to Fee Link. The reason for the change was that a unique URL Fee Link has been made available for Public items, as well as Unlisted items. The availability of a unique fee link for public items was an enhancement request by various districts.

Note:  The unique URL can now be provided to a specific target audience for both public and unlisted. 

It can also be used for a QR code generator's URL requirement. This is a great opportunity to add to marketing materials in promoting a public event. 


In the near future, the labels will indicate if the item is a Public item or Unlisted item.

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