Can I create a QR Code for an item?


Yes, you can create a QR code for any item with a Fee Link. The items with a Fee Link would be a Public or Unlisted item.

The reason an item is made public or unlisted is to provide an opportunity for those not registered with SchoolCash, i.e., not to provide to your students, to pay fees. 

Caution: It is important to encourage our parents to register. Attached fees paid for using the QR code will not detach the item from the student. The student will not appear as paid under the school’s attached student payment section of the SchoolCash Catalog reports. These purchases will appear after school purchases on certain SchoolCash Catalog reports.

If the item is only to be attached to students within your school, you could use the QR code option to provide information about the fee to those students where parents are not registered. This will provide an opportunity to unregistered parents to view and pay for the item. But do remember, the goal is to encourage your parents to register with SchoolCash and not offer this as an option.

As the item is being created, make it Unlisted or for items that are to be made available to the general Public. Reference Difference between Public and Unlisted

Once item is saved copy the unique Fee Link generated. It can be found on the SchoolCash Catalog > Item Fee window. Copy the link and use a QR generator. Click to view the Creating QR Codes for Public/Unlisted Items video (Duration 4:25)

We do offer a QR generator option for schools to use. 

Follow these steps: 

  • Enter your District Name and District's SchoolCash Online URL
  • Enter 'QR' in the upper-right search field, and select the found article, or can be found under 'Tell Parents'
  • Paste the Fee Link in the field
  • Generate
  • You can download the QR Code

The QR Code can be added to the flyers and/or add as the photo for the item and print and distribute the Preview window c/w the code. 

A parent hovers over the code with their phone camera to take them directly to the item. They can then sign in or register to pay.