For Intermediate or Advanced SchoolCash Catalog Users


An item was created with a start date in one school year, with an expiry date in a following school year. 

NOTE: KEV's best practice would be for an item to be created each school year, not as one item spanning multiple years.

Scenario where some schools choose to create one item:

Student enters grade 9 (their freshman year). 

An item is created with an expiry (end date) of their graduation year. 

The item is attached in their freshman year and remains attached until end of graduation, senior year. 

Parent can make partial payments in each year. The revenue is deposited to the year of fiscal year of purchase.

How can a report be created to cover the item payments for all four years?


  1. Choose the required SchoolCash Catalog report
  2. Select the filter of "Crossover" from the school year list
  3. Enter a date range
  4. Determine the item name to be selected
    Note: the school year which is attached automatically by system doesn't display in the item name list. If you have titled the item with the same name each year, it may be difficult to determine which one to select.
    Select the item or items - it might be best to create the report for each item to avoid confusion.
  5. Generate the report
  6. Select an export format
    1. PDF provides a page for every item
    2. CSV export provides the information item by item (if more than one item was selected) with individual headers
      Note: if an item was selected which was also made unlisted or public, additional headers are provided for those purchases.
      Keep this in mind when sorting and filtering.

When the date range is selected, the school year doesn't display in the CSV formatted reports. The date of purchase is provided, along with the method of payment.

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