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Report 11 - Customized Transaction Report

This report provides the user the ability to choose various filters and sort options, for example:

  • date range
  • category name and or number (categories)
  • category umbrella
  • transaction type (deposit, check, journal entry, transfer, etc.)
  • budget code
  • various sort options
  • enter a word or phrase for report to find this information in the description
  • enter a credit range
  • enter a debit range

Report 1 – Detailed Category Summary (All Transactions)

Suggest:  Use Defaults

This is a good report to produce for staff.


Tip:  Print categories on separate page

This does result in numerous pages, recommend running Report #2.



Report 2– Detailed Category Summary (Select Date Range) 




Tips:  Print categories on separate page

Can enable shading (does require more toner).

Contact person is noted on this report.

Report 8 – Trial Balance (Category) 




Report 9 – Trial Balance (Category Date Range) 

Without Encumbrances




With Encumbrances Checked 




Report 10 – Trial Balance (Umbrella Date Range) 

Select All

  1. View with Dates                         
  2. View without Dates


Note:  This is the ONLY report that displays categories when using categories with decimals.




Report 5 – Category Umbrella Overview Report (Select Date Range) 

This report displays by:

  1. Date Range 
  2. Transfers 


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