This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to set the listed price for items in the SchoolCash Catalog. Following these instructions ensures that the total amount the parent pays is accurately reflected and the school receives the correct amount in the school bank account.


  1. Log in to the SchoolCash Catalog
    • Open your web browser and navigate to the SchoolCash Catalog login page.
    • Enter your credentials and click Log In.
  2. Create a New Item
    • Click on the New Item button located on the View Items page.
  3. Enter the Total Amount
    • In the Total field, enter the full amount that you want the parent/guardian to pay for the item.
    • For example, if the total cost of a farm field trip is $10, enter "$10" in the Total field.
  4. Verify the Amount Received by the School
    • Look at the Amount field to the left of the Total field. This field displays the amount that the school receives after any fees or deductions.
    • Ensure that this amount matches the expected amount that should be deposited into the school bank account. In our example, if the amount is $9.47, verify that this is correct.
  5. Save the Item
    • Once you have entered and verified all necessary information, click the Save (or Save and Attach) button to add the item to the catalog.
  6. Preview and Confirm
    • Preview the item details to ensure all information is correct.
    • Confirm that the total amount parents/guardians pay and the amount the school receives are as expected.


  • Double-check all entered amounts before saving the item to avoid discrepancies.
  • Regularly update and review items in the catalog to ensure accurate pricing and amounts received by the school.


Following these steps helps you accurately set the listed price for items in the SchoolCash Catalog. This process ensures that parents are charged the correct amount and the school receives the appropriate funds in their bank account.

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