JULY 2024

The SchoolCash Catalog rolls by school. The process is initiated by the date indentified in the SchoolCash Catalog Maintenance.

Three conditions must be achieved for a successful SchoolCash Catalog rollover. 

1. The SchoolCash Catalog Rollover Date has been reached. District Administrators are required to confirm this date. 

2. SchoolCash Register have been closed out for the school year, and pending Group Collections are completed. 

3. Student Information System (SIS) file contains at least 60% of students in a new grade.


1. Confirm the SchoolCash Catalog Rollover Date 

This error will result in the removal of the current year SIS data and replace it with the next year's student data. This will cause many problems and is not easily rectified.

IMPORTANT: Creating the next year catalog will create a new school year for EACH school assigned to the user performing the "Create New School Year" task. It is essential the schools/bank accounts assigned to the user responsible for performing the task is reviewed prior to selecting the "Create New School Year" button (see button in screen capture).

From the SCA Main Menu/SFO Landing Page follow the path:

SchoolCash Accounting > Program Maintenance > Table Maintenance > School Cash Catalog Maintenance

SchoolFunds Online accounting > School Store > Catalog > ADMIN > School Cash Catalog Maintenance 

The Current Year Catalog Rollover Date is the date the system begins to: seek next school year’s student information; and verify if the SchoolCash Register has been closed out for the school year, and there are no pending group collections.

The Next Year Catalog Rollover Date will be auto populated and will match the previous year’s rollover month and day. It can be changed to match the new date the district wants the system to automatically roll the SchoolCash Catalog to the new year. 


NOTE: Changing this date will automatically update the Current Year Catalog Rollover Date, as well and will continue to populate this date going forward. 

Warning: Only change the month and day, if applicable. Do not change the year.

2. SchoolCash Register Closeouts & Group Collections 

These are to be completed for all schools. SchoolCash Catalogs will NOT roll for schools which do not complete these tasks.  District Administrators are to run the Pending Register Transactions Report. Bookkeepers are to complete these SchoolCash Register tasks prior to leaving for summer break. It is best for bookkeepers to complete the tasks, as they are aware of the SchoolCash Register cash and check payments. 

They are to confirm with staff to ensure all group collections have been submitted for deposit.

They will be aware if the associated deposits of cash payments and group collections have been delivered for deposit to their banking institution, or if it is still in the school awaiting delivery.

As previously mentioned, District Administers have access to the Pending Register Transactions Report. This report will assist in the identification of the schools with pending SchoolCash Register Closeouts and/or open Group Collections.   

  •  Run the "Pending Register Transactions Report" following the path of:
    SchoolCash Catalog > Reports > Pending Register Transactions Report

A yellow line with black text

Description automatically generated

  • Review the report
     (pending Group Collections appear on the pages following the Pending Register Closeouts)
  • Any Closeouts or Group Collections listed must be completed.
     Zero-dollar Closeouts and Group Collections must also be completed.

3. Next Year SIS Student Data 

Our system will look for new student data and roll the SchoolCash Catalogs over after the rollover date. 


Is your district allowing KEV to pull information from your files? If yes, this identifies your district as an API district. Next year student data will be available when your SIS rolls into the next school year. It is important for that date to be a minimum of one day after the SchoolCash Catalog rollover date noted in Step 1. 


Is your district uploading your files to an FTP site? If yes, this identifies your district as a Blackbox district. The system will look for a next year mass student file on the FTP site. 

  • Only send the mass student file on or after the rollover date. Before the rollover date, a pre-registration file can be sent.

SIS Upload Instructions for Canadian Districts

SIS Upload Instructions for USA Districts

  • Validate the data in the new mass student file using our SIS File Validator Tool. 

SIS File Validator Tool

  • Verify that student numbers have not changed from the previous year (e.g. Leading zeros are present if they were present last school year)
  • Verify the course data sent in the mass scheduling file is for 2024/2025 courses.
  • Create and send a Staff File (if your district submits this data)
  • Stop sending pre-registration files when 2024/2025 Mass Student file is sent.



NOTE: Some schools may successfully roll, and will have a green banner indicating their success. Other schools may have conditions that have not been met. The result is their rollover is pending the achievement of those conditions. These schools will have orange banners outlining the outstanding condition.

Here is a guide to the banners that may appear in SchoolCash Catalog during the year-end process: Year-End SchoolCash Catalog Rollover Banners

If any Catalogs did not roll over once we received the 2024/2025 student information, and there are no pending register closeouts or group collections at that school, please submit a support ticket.

Complete Rollover Documentation

If you are a SchoolCash Accounting solution client, SchoolCash Catalog Preparation, Working with Multiple Year Catalogs and the AUTOMATIC Rollover is outlined in the attachment found in the following Knowledge Base article:

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If you are a SchoolFunds Online accounting solution client, SchoolCash Catalog Rollover is outlined in the attachment found in the following Knowledge Base article:

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