A school has current balance in the YrEnd category has not been assigned or balance is not zero (0)   How do I fix this?

A school has a current balance that is not zero for the PC year end category balance.


Run report 11M for the last month of the previous year. Look for the total of all uncleared transactions for that month. This should match the opening balance for the YrEnd Outstanding category in the Chart of Accounts.


If the totals do not match Run Report 11 Customized for the YrEnd Outstanding and PcYear End (if applicable) categories. Select to sort by category. The total debit and credit amounts should match 11M’s uncleared transaction totals. If they do not match compare the transactions on the 11 Customized report with the uncleared transactions on report 11M.


Please contact KEV Support for assistance for the correction of any YrEnd Outstanding and PcYear end transactions.