July 2023

Important: It is strongly recommended that you verify with your districts as to the district-specific procedures and policies required for your district.

The purpose of this article is to provide new and experienced SchoolCash users with various Knowledge Base links. 

The Knowledge Base articles provide information on various "new to user" articles and "process reminder" articles.

SchoolCash Accounting

An Instruction Guide - Deposits/Income Activities

An Instruction Guide - Issue Checks / Disbursement

How to Combine Checks 

An Instruction Guide - Ledger Inquire

An Instruction Guide - Journal Entries

An Instruction Guide - Transfer Entries  

How to Generate Reports 

How To - Set Up New Cashbox

For additional New to Role & Experienced User Knowledge Base Articles review these links.

Are you new to SchoolCash Catalog, or SchoolCash Register? 

    SchoolCash Catalog (SCC)

        Visit this link, SchoolCash Catalog Links for New to Role & Experienced Users

    SchoolCash Register (SCR)

        Visit this link, SchoolCash Register Links for New to Role & Experienced Users


These are many articles available to you. In the future, if you have any questions, type in a word and the program will provide articles with the word included. When you select "Search" then you'll be able to view all the articles with the word mentioned.