Year End Rollover Automation (SCA) 

District/Bookkeeper is completing Year End Rollover Automation tasks, and checklist still indicates as not complete. 

How can this be corrected?


When a change is made for an individual school that impacts the Checklist in the Automated Rollover, user may have to REFRESH that specific school to show as that task is completed (see the below screen capture).

Year End Checklist

Year End Checklist #1 - Unposted Checks, Deposits, Transfers or Journal Entries

Year End Checklist #1 Indicates a Non-existent Un-posted Deposit

Year End Checklist #7 is Showing as Outstanding

#7 in the year end checklist keeps appearing

Year End Checklist #9 is Bank Account is NOT Reconciled to End of Fiscal Year

Year End Checklist #12 - Year End Report balance(s) do not match