What is the process to waive a 100% of an item fee when information is required from parents using a KEV or Custom Forms permission form? Can this be accomplished?


School will waive the entire field trip fee. 

Parent must complete the field trip permission form, using KEV Forms or Custom Forms.


The Order of Waive Process does not apply in this situation. 

1. When a fee is created, with or without a KEV or Custom Form, and the fee is attached to the student, the parent can view the item in their SchoolCash Online account. 

Remember: A parent cannot make a partial or zero $ payment for an item with a fee, even if they only wish to complete the permission form.  The parent can't complete the form when school is waiving 100% of fee, as they are not making a full payment to complete the action. 

Once 100% of the fee is waived in the SchoolCash Register, Payment Action and the payment is complete, the item will disappear from the parent's SchoolCash Online account. As the item was paid through the waive payment action, the parent will not be able to complete the form.


Option 1: School waives the fee. Parent completes a hard copy of the form.

Option 2: Item is copied, cost is removed, rendering the item a "no cost" fee with a form. Parent completes the form and completes the online payment check out.

NOTE: This will result in the school having to run TWO reports with the form information.

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