How can a check be voided, prior to a check run being posted to the ledger?

Scenarios where the check would need to be voided are:

  1. check was jammed in the printer and destroyed
  2. Incorrect data entered on check, i.e., made out to the wrong person/supplier, or wrong amount, etc.
  3. trip was cancelled prior to mailing the check and prior to posting to ledger


Process for Scenarios a. & b.:

Tip: If the check is to be rewritten, duplicate the check that is to be voided prior to selecting the Void option.  

Then the information does not need to be re-entered.  

  1. Select Check
  2. Forms Duplicate Check  
  3. A new Check # has been added (with the information from that which is being voided)
    1. Scenario b.: Change the incorrect information 
  4. Go back to original Check # 
  5. Select Void Check  
  • Pay to the Order will be set to Void. 
  • The check will be set to a $0.00 amount value. 



  • Information regarding the original check is stored in the Re field. 

6. Select Print > Statement to reprint the statement that was previously printed

7. Locate the new Check # that was duplicated.

8. Print the check, select Print > Checks 


If you had previously printed the check run, and only have to print the new check

  1. Enter check number in Covered From: / Covered To: 
  2. Select Generate Report 
  3. Select Print icon, prints displayed check 





Process for Scenario c.:

  1. Select check 
  2. Choose Void, OR if it is the last check in the run, and has NOT been printed, it could be deleted

Important Note: Checks can be voided after posting to the ledger, however, only in the reconciliation module.