What is the process to waive a 100% of an item fee?


Waive an item for a student 

a. Payment Action, select Waived Fee option 

b. Waived amount can be the full amount of the item or a partial amount 

c. Comments are recommended, but not mandatory 

Comments entered are displayed:

  • on the Close Out Report, 
  • Payment Details, 
  • Statement, (see below) 
  • Two-Part Receipt, (see below) and 
  • SchoolCash Catalog>Category Report (see below for full details)


Fees may be waived for multiple students

d. You must select either the Cash or Check Checkout option to complete the Waive entry. Select Cash.

The Cash Checkout window will display, same as with any full or partial payment.

e. Review the information, then select Confirm button



A statement will be produced for each student with a waived fee (previous screenshot). 

Each statement will indicate the waived fee and the comments entered. Edinger, Carson had $1,000 of the iPad Program waived above. Note the following screenshot includes the Approved by Principal comment.


The receipt selected was the two-part receipt, where the comment is found on the school section under Item Name.


From SchoolCash Catalog > View Items window > Reports tab

  • Select Category Report from the drop-down list
  • Select the category from the list of categories

  • Select Generate
  • Click on the category

  • Click on the item
  • View the comments in the Comment column
  • Once you reached this information, it can be exported to a pdf or csv for a complete view of the report.

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