An Unlisted Item is created, and the unique URL is pasted into a browser. 

Without choosing to sign in, the purchaser 

  • can make the item fee selections
  • choose Add to Cart

  • select Continue


Can the Guest Checkout be used for an Unlisted Item?


SchoolCash Online offers a Guest Checkout option for Credit Card payments.

To checkout as a guest, a unique email address is required to send the electronic receipt. 

View the Guest Checkout Feature article for information regarding this option.


Can a purchaser with a SchoolCash Online account use the Guest Checkout?


If the purchaser tries to use an email for a previously created SchoolCash Online account, the purchaser will not be able to "Continue as a guest" to purchase. 

View the Guest Checkout and an Existing SchoolCash Online Account Purchaser article for information regarding this option.


After the purchaser tried the Guest Checkout feature, and the system indicates a SchoolCash Online account exists with that email address.

The purchaser should STOP and START OVER by entering the Unlisted URL in a new browser tab and select the Sign In button. The item will appear in the checkout cart.

If the purchaser didn't start over and tries to continue by selecting Sign In, the following will happen:

  • the purchaser will be signed into the existing account, but
  • the purchaser will not have the previously selected Unlisted item fee in the checkout cart
  • at which point, the purchaser will need to start over.

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