The Refund in Progress status is available in the SchoolCash Register and SchoolCash Catalog.  The status applies to all SchoolCash Online refunds from the time they are requested until they process successfully.

The status provides visibility of the refund process.  Reports will show the requested refunds under a new column and filter Refund in Progress.

SchoolCash Catalog - Initiating Refunds

When a refund is initiated:

  • Status will display as “Refund in Progress”.
  • The requested amount and the payment method will be displayed. Date will not be displayed.
  • When processed successfully, it will update the status and display the refund date

SchoolCash Catalog - Reports

SchoolCash Catalog reports have been modified to include:

  • A new payment status column “Refund in Progress” will display the initiated refund amount.
  • A new payment status filter “Refund in Progress”.  

List of improved reports:

  • Item Order
  • Item Attachment
  • Item Option
  • Custom Form
  • Permission Form
  • Payment Schedule
  • Activity Report (School Cash Express)
  • Option Report (School Cash Express)

SchoolCash Register - Student Item History

A refund initiated in SchoolCash Catalog:

  • Will display under the Refunded column in the Student Item History to prevent a duplicate refund in the Register.
  • The status will display as “Refund in Progress” indicating there is at least one transaction is in progress.


By clicking on the item, the payment details pop-up will display:

  • The status of the individual transaction as “Refund in Progress”.
  • Updated status to Refunded and Payment Date to the date of refund once processed successfully. 

SchoolCash Register - Statements

Student statements have not been modified. “Refunded” and “Refund in Progress” amounts will display under the “Refunded” column.