What if I don’t balance upon closing out School Cash Register?  


Balancing is very important.  Double check the ‘Cash In Drawer’ entry in Step 2. 

KEV recommends running the Report Preview in Step 4 to catch any errors that may have been made.

In Step 3: Details Verification 

Value of Over/Under is displayed in Actual Payment Summary panel 

  1. Click Actual Payment Summary Details 
  2. Double check the cash amount
    1. Recount the cash (do not include the checks) in the Cash Drawer.  
    2. Be sure to enter for any float value in Step 2 
  3. Count the number of checks
    1. Verify the number with Detail Summary.   
    2. If a tender type error has occurred, Cancel the Closeout 
  4. Search for the required Student 
  5. Select Modify tab to modify the transaction 
  6. Proceed with the checkout