Which report provides value-based pricing (VBP) and/or transactional pricing breakdown information?  


The SchoolCash Catalog Category Report only provides the Revenue. It does not include the transactional percentage or rounding information.

The SchoolCash Catalog Item Order Report provides this information.  

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Several Export options are available. The two we are reviewing are the Acrobat PDF and CSV (comma delimited) formats.


The PDF version provides general payment information, such as; Paid, Waived, Refund in Progress, Refunded and Owing information. The Grand Total of Payments is found at the end of the report.

The PDF version does not provide the value-based pricing and/or the transactional pricing breakdown.


The CSV export format is the best export format to gain insight into payment information. 

It provides all the PDF payment information, as well as, so much more, including the provision of the value-based and transactional pricing breakdown information. 

The breakdown is found in: column Q, item balance; column R, transaction fee; and column S, rounding amount.

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