Using SchoolCash Forms makes it easier for districts and schools to collect information and payments since parents can complete the form and pay for the item at the same time in SchoolCash Online. 

In the recent release of SchoolCash Forms+we’ve made it easier to build customized forms that include pricing and calculations quickly. 

With this new functionality, users can create forms items such as proticketsband concerts, field trips with feesschool merchandise, musical instrument rentalsor club or athletics registrationsUsers can also use SchoolCash Forms+ to collect donations for their schools.  

Please Note: Pricing & Calculations will be available if the feature has been enabled. Please contact your Customer Success Manager about SchoolCash Forms+ to learn more. 

Add Calculations to Your Forms

Users can include calculations in their forms using one or more fields. In the example below, the total cost of buying the t-shirts is calculated by taking the value associated with the t-shirt size selected in the “Pick Your T-Shirt Size Field” multiplied by the “How many t-shirts?" field. For the calculation to work, values are assigned to each t-shirt option.  

Add a Price to Your Forms

When a ‘Number’ element is added to the form, users can set the “Price” toggle to the ON position as pictured in the image below.  The price toggle will automatically be set to the on position when "Number from Calculation" is selected.

Fields will feature a dollar sign symbol in the top right corner if they are set as a price.

On the published form, a dollar sign will automatically appear in the field


Users can access responses from forms in real-time via reports from SchoolCash Catalog and SchoolCash Access (if applicable). And published forms are mobile-friendly making it easier for parents and guardians to complete forms on their phones or tablets.


To learn how to build forms using pricing and calculation, visit How to Add Calculations and Pricing to SchoolCash Forms+