How does a standard user void a check?


The Reconciliation – Monthly Statement module will allow the Standard User to void a check. 

The latest release of SchoolCash handles Reconciliation module voids in the following manner:

  • When the check is voided in the reconciliation module, the voided side of the check is stamped with the last date of the current reconcile. This keeps everything balanced within that month and does not affect the previously reported balances.
  • A warning will notify the user if there are stale-dated checks within a reconcile month. The user will then have the option to view the checks and void them, or cancel and continue to sign off the reconciliation.
  • Monitoring stale-dated checks on an ongoing basis will keep the ledger up-to-date and cut down on housekeeping tasks at year-end rollover. 

Note: Only a district administrator is able to void a check in Ledger Inquire.

PROCESS to Void a Check in the Reconciliation Module:

From Main Menu > General Activities group > Select Reconciliation

  1. Click Search tab to search for a check
  2. Select required check
  3. Click Void Check tab
    NOTE: This check was rolled to the next school year. Original category is changed to YrEnd Outstanding.
  4. Complete dialogue box

NOTE: Reason for the void action is mandatory


  5. The YrEnd Outstanding category must be changed, select original category

  6. Select Check Mark to Save

  7. Click Continue button

  8. Click OK to confirm the voiding of the check

For further instructions, please click Information link in the top right corner of the Reconciliation screen or refer to the User Guide - SchoolCash Accounting - Reconcile Monthly Statement on the Resource Center.

An Instruction Guide - Reconciliation