2024 Release

District Administrators: No longer need to send one-off District Catalog item reports to schools.

School Users: Schools can run reports to obtain purchase information for students at their school who have purchased a District Catalog item.

Follow the below instructions on how to run reports for District Catalog Items for your school. 


Once the district item has been purchased in SchoolCash Online, it can be seen within SchoolCash Catalog (SCC) Reports by a school user.

1. Login to your SchoolCash Account and navigate to SCC, then click on the Reports dropdown.

 2. Within the Reports dropdown, select Item Order Report.

3. Users can then select the item they would like to view the orders for by selecting the correct year and the item from the “Name of Item” dropdown. The list will include your school items as well as District Catalog items where purchases have been made by your students.


1. In what SCC Reports will School-Level users be able to see and access District Catalog items? 

Currently, this feature will be available in the below five (5) SCC Reports: 

  • Item Order Report 
  • Item Attachment Report 
  • Item Option Report 
  • Forms Report 
  • Payment Schedule Report 

2. If the District Catalog item is not shared with a school, will school users (e.g. bookkeepers) at that school be able to see this item in SCC Reports? 

No, School-Level users will only be able to see District Catalog items in SCC Reports that have been attached to students at their school. 

3. Will District Catalog items be differentiated from SCC items in SCC Reports?  

No. District Catalog items will appear in the “Name of Item” dropdown filter within SCC Reports, e.g. Item Order Report, among SCC items in alphabetical order.  

4. Will only bookkeepers be able to see District Catalog items in SCC Reports? 

No, this feature is not linked to any specific role or permission. Any user with access to SCC Reports, e.g. Bookkeeper 100, Principal 100, will be able to view District Catalog items in SCC Reports that are attached to students at their school only.