Clover agents are available to assist you when you're unable to resolve device-specific issues. There are a few ways to reach live support:

For your security, Clover will ask for your Merchant ID (MID) or Tax Identification Number (TIN), so please have that information handy.

Different ways to contact Clover:

1.    On a Clover device, tap Help at the top right corner on the home screen and select one of the following:

  • Call support: This phone number is specific to your account. Please be sure to have your Merchant Identification (MID) number available when you call customer support so we can find your account quickly.
  • Call Me: Click on Request a call from Support. Enter your reason for requesting support, then click Call Me.
    Customer Support receives your message with your name, phone number, the reason why you are calling, and the language you want Customer Support to use. You will receive a call as soon as possible to offer assistance. Call Me changes to Incoming Call while waiting for a call.
  • Leave Feedback: Leave feedback or questions for Clover so we can continue improving our products. If you are having a problem with Clover and need customer support, please call or email customer support.

2.    From a browser, log in to your Clover account dashboard and select Help from the top menu to access a range of support options.


3.     In the Clover Go mobile app, open the menu and tap Help.

4.    Find your direct support phone number on your statement.


Can't find your support number?

If you can't find your support number, call Clover at one of the general numbers below and they will get you to the right place.

U.S. 855-853-8340
Canada 1-888-263-1938



Each merchant account has a support phone number assigned to it.