Prior to the addition of this feature, the system created one record, per vendor, per school in the supplier table. This caused an issue when the name or address were misspelled, making them look like they were different vendors.  

This feature will allow one record per vendor, per district, in the supplier table. 

  • An option in Account Settings at the Board Level has been added to “Enable Is Vendor 1099 Verification” (for U.S. Boards)
  • When the "Enable Is Vendor 1099 Verification" option is enabled, a pop up will display when creating a new vendor or modifying an existing one for the user to confirm whether the vendor is 1099 or not.

If YES is selected:

  • It enables the vendor 1099 checkbox.
  • It makes "Tax Identification #" OR "Social Security #" mandatory.
  • It sends the user back to the list view or modify tab in edit mode.

            If NO is selected:

  • It allows the user to save

When creating/editing a supplier record we need to verify if a similar record exists for the board. The verification will:

  • Remove dashes/spaces form the "Tax Identification #" and verify if it matches any existing "Tax Identification #" or "Social Security #".
  • Remove dashes/spaces form the "Social Security #" and verify if it matches any existing "Tax Identification #" or "Social Security #".
  • Fuzzy match the "Supplier Name" characters and match postal code/zip code.

If any of the above conditions is met, a pop up will display with the following message:

Please note that if a vendor is being shared by multiple schools, a school user will receive an error message and will not be able to update the vendor.  Only a System Administrator can update a vendor that is shared by multiple schools.

  • An improvement has also been made where the cursor goes to the next record after deleting a supplier. If deleting the last record in the list, it goes back to the first record.

Additional Documentation (January 2011)