Splitting a reconciled transaction between categories. 


Whenever a reconciled transaction is to be split out between categories or tax receivable is to be added, two opposing entries are to be added in the Reconciliation module to remove the amount from one category to put it in another.

These two records should have all the same information such as the same check number and transaction date.

They will cancel each other out in the reconcile.

1.    A separate tax receivable from a check was reconciled

    a.    Add a Record

    b.    Enter Debit Amount, Amount is that of the Tax Rebate

    c.    Category is Tax Receivable category 

    d.    Select Check Mark to Save Entry

        Enter a second record

    e.    Add a Record

    f.     Enter Negative debit amount 

    g.    To the Original Expensed category

    h.    Select Check Mark to Save Entry