When Importing Groups into Group Management, please ensure the following information:

1. Columns should be in this exact order and are required for the Group Import to function:

    School Name | Group Name | Student First Name | Student Last Name | Student ID Number

2. All information is case sensitive!

2. The school name must match exactly to the school name in the school drop-down list in SchoolCash. 

3. Does the district send the legal or preferred (known as) student names? The student names must be an exact match to SchoolCash.

4. The student # must match the student # in SchoolCash.  If there are leading zeros, the file must contain leading zeros as well.  This requires the column to be formatted as Text.

5. The file can be either .CSV (Excel - comma separated value) or .TXT (Word)       


    Option 1:   If district’s current Student Information System (SIS) can export a group, save this export in a .csv or .txt format                        in the order listed above.

    Option 2:   Create a new .csv or .txt file, with required information, as noted above.

                    NOTE:     Are there leading zeros in all, or some, of the Student ID Numbers?

                   If the answer is yes, then create a .txt file. Do not create a .csv file, as the leading zeros will be dropped.


                  If the answer is no, and there are no leading zeros in the student (student information system) number, then you can create either a .csv file OR a .txt file.