Would like an explanation of the scheduled payments functionality. Scheduled Payments - Payment Setup Detailed


We are unsure of how the scheduled payment program should work. 

When we create a catalog item and we say that we would like 8 payments. This is because we would like all of the money prior to May 31 (Last payment would be May 1 if payment plan is set up in September). 


If the parent goes to pay in November (first payment coming out Dec 1), do they still have 8 payments to choose from, or does SchoolCash adjust for the fact that the full amount needs to be paid by May 31 (therefore, the parent only has 1-6 payments to choose from?)

Does the system account for this or does a new catalog item have to be created every month showing one less recurring payment option to ensure full payment will still be completed by May 31?



If all payments are to be made by May 31, the program looks at the maximum number of installments and the end date.  The system will recalculate the amount and distribute across remaining or selected payments.

NOTE: For scheduled payments, the purchaser receives a reminder a week before the payment is due. Reminder email functionality doesn't work with the scheduled payments feature.  The purchaser does receive a notification of a rejected payment but it's up the the client to go back in and pay. 

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