In logging into the SchoolCash Accounting solution, the main screen, home page, displays this Year-End Rollover Warning:

What does this mean?

Should I change the date?


The Rollover Date reflected in this screen capture indicates:

  • the Year-End Rollover date for the school is June 30, 20YY.
  • the Board Year-End Date is June 30, 20YY.

  1. Verify if this is correct, or have you changed your fiscal accounting rollover date this year going forward?
  2. Review the Demographics screen and confirm what was provided as your district's fiscal accounting year-end rollover date.
  3. This message indicates the fiscal accounting rollover date has passed. The Year-End Rollover has not been completed, neither manually nor automatically.

There are a few Knowledge Base articles for reference. See the following article links. 

Once the Year-End Rollover is complete this message will no longer appear.

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