What is required if there is an "X" under #12 for a school?


What to do when all of the checklist, with the exception of #12 have a green checkmark, the "X" indicates the Year end reports balance(s) do not match.


District Leads are to follow through as suggested.

1. This may be caused by a reconciled transaction having the amount modified. 

  • To check this possibility, run report #11M (verify there is a difference).
  • If there is, run the modification report #15 
    • Check for reconciled ledger transactions that had the amount modified
    • The amount will have to be reconciled BACK to the original amount to make the reconcile month balance. 
    • You may have to add two (2) transactions to the ledger to make the adjustment
    • One with a positive and one with a negative debit or credit amount
    • Both transactions can then be cleared with the last month
    • If the last month has been signed off, district lead will have to undo the 'sign off', clear the two transactions, and sign the month off again

2. If report 11M does not show a discrepancy, place a ticket with the KEV support desk.

Once the adjustments have been made or support has worked their magic, the final reconciliation is completed for the fiscal year, select the refresh icon which will remove the #12 "X" and replace with a green checkmark.

When all steps have green checkmarks, and the refresh icon is selected, the school will move to the Begin Rollover section.

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