Who receives a reminder email?


SchoolCash can only send a new or reminder notification, if a parent is registered.

All registered parents, who have NOT paid online.

  1. If the registered parent does NOT pay online, and opts to pay the teacher/coach, the payment is processed through the Deposit Module (SchoolCash Accounting) or Receipting (SchoolFunds Online), whereby the program will generate a reminder email.
  2. Caveat - If school is using the SchoolCash Register (SCR) or Group Collection (GC) feature:
    1. a reminder email will be generated if payment hasn't been recorded prior to the email reminder date.
      in the SchoolCash Register (SCR) ;
      or Group Collection (GC);
      or paid online.


If a registered parent contacts the office, indicating they paid an item fee, and want to know why they are receiving a reminder, the following is suggested:

  1. First question to ask, “How did you pay, online or to the teacher/coach?”
  2. Verify if payment is indicated on reports, which includes both online, SCR and Group Collection payments.
  3. Verify teacher/coach/office does not have a deposit envelope that hasn't been recorded.
  4. If the payment was recorded manually through the Deposit Module or Receipting, the payment will not be included on the reports.

NOTE: Using the Email reminder feature doesn't work in conjunction with the Scheduled Payment feature, as this feature has its own email functionality.

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