What report is suggested to provide to the vendor/supplier and for distribution when the item has options and choices?

NOTE: There is no breakdown of pricing in this report. For a breakdown of value-based transactional pricing visit article DRAFT - 2 Item Order Report CSV Breakdown - Value-Based Pricing (VBP) Transactional


1. First review the Item Order Report. Depending on how the item is set up, it may be the report to used.

2. If it doesn't provide the information required, select the Item Option Report.


1. Filter by 

a. Year (defaults to current school year) 

b. Item Status of; All, Active or Expired 

c. Name of Item; select one or more catalog items, dropdown lists all items with options and based on item status and/or attachment type selection 

d. Show (payment status); All, Fully Paid, Partially Paid, Waived, Refunded or Rejected
(results reflect online and register payments).
Scheduled or Outstanding will result in a blank report. 

2. Sort by 

a. Student # / Student Name (defaults to Student Name) 

b. Homeroom of all school homerooms provided in SIS upload 

c. Payment Date 

d. Grade of all school grades provided in SIS upload 

e. Course Section of all course codes and sections provided in SIS upload and attached to item 

3. Select a Date Range – Payment Date (optional) 

4. Student Filters 

a. Individual Student Information 

b. Homeroom / Grade / Course Section (provided in SIS upload) / Group (Group Management) 

c. Attachment of; All, Required or Optional (Based on Item attachment in Catalog) 

Example: Item Option Report – Show All 

a. Select Name of Item  

b. Select Show to All 

c. Click Generate button 

There are two reports: 

1. Item Option Report #1 Displays: 

o Options/Choices that were ordered 

o Share this with the vendor to place the order 

2. Item Option Report #2 Displays: 

o Students that ordered the different Options/Choices 

d. Select Printer Icon to print report

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