Finding new and creative ways to encourage parents/guardians to start paying activity fees 

online can be a challenge. 

A feature in SchoolCash can help: Auto-Subscribe.

Auto-Subscribe automates parent/guardian account set up and email notifications.

With Auto-Subscribe, students can be automatically added to a parent/guardian’s SchoolCash 

Online account. Driven by an integration between a district’s student information system and 

SchoolCash that automatically links students to a primary guardian email for their SchoolCash Online account.


Auto-Subscribe offers your district and school community several benefits.

  1. One district witnessed an immediate 30% jump in parent adoption rates within one week of activating Auto-Subscribe.

NOTE: Auto-Subscribe is an optional feature available free-of-charge that requires district-level 

permission to enable.

If your district is using Auto-subscribe, see the Parent Information attachment (below).

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