Explain what happens when a student changes schools in the same district and they still have outstanding fees.  Who is responsible for the collection of fees?


Items do not automatically follow the student to the new school  (original attachments remain at the previous school). 


NOTE: District must decide where the revenue is to flow and then follow that process.

1. Revenue is to flow to the sending school, follow the same process as when a student leaves the school with outstanding fees.    

TIP: A copy of the student’s statement could be forwarded to the new school, providing this outstanding fee information.

Please refer to User Guide: SchoolCash Register – How to Print Reports on the Resource Center to learn how to print out Statements

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2. Revenue is to stay with receiving school

By sending the student's statement to the receiving school, within the district,

a) the sending school must manually remove the committment to the student by detaching the student from the item in the Management Attachments, or could record in the SchoolCash Register the item as a "Void" payment and indicate in the comment the item will be recreated at the receiving school. 

b) The receiving school would create a new item, titled something like, outstanding fee from [sending school name]. 

What to do next with the revenue?

a. The receiving school could retain the revenue, as the payment was noted with the item payment.

b. The revenue could be transferred back to the sending school if this is required. As the receiving school has recorded the payment for the student, the transfer takes place and the receiving school would just enter transfer of revenue.