Paid for Wrong Items do I fix this?

Scenario 1: A student pays for a item by check. 

Two items were selected instead of one. 

The close out has not been completed.


  1. Modify the tender for the two items from 'check' to 'cash' by selecting the Modification tab.
  2. Process a refund for both items using 'cash'.
    1. This will cancel out the amounts.
  3. Reattach the items and pay for the correct one by check.

Scenario 2: A student pays cash for an item, but it is applied to the wrong item.


  1. Process a refund for the item using 'cash'.
    1. This will cancel out the cash payment.
    2. The incorrectly paid item will need to be reattached to the student for future payment.
    3. Pay correct item.

Payment Applied Against the Wrong Student in SchoolCash Register