School Cash Accounting – Main Menu

The School Cash Accounting (SCA) is an easy-to-use web-based tool that automates the manual accounting tasks that school office staff are required to perform each and every day.




  1. Module Title:                         Indicates the School Cash Accounting module
  2. Profile Settings:                    User can change password, includes language selection and Log Out
  3. School/Bank Account:            Indicates the school/bank account. User can toggle between accounts
  4. Income Activities:                    Modules to process Cash Deposits, Issue Receipts, View Itemized Cash & Checks to date and track Non-Sufficient funds (checks)
  5. Expense Activities:                   Modules to print checks, monitor cashboxes (optional), process Purchase Orders (optional)
  6. General Activities:                   Modules to search for transactions posted to the ledger, process Journal Entries (optional) and Transfers between categories, complete monthly reconciliations
  7. My School Information:        Monitor the Chart of Accounts, view bank account demographics, entry to Program Maintenance and Supplier Maintenance, link to Resource Center
  8. My Reports:                           Link to 4 favorite reports
  9. My School Store:                  Modules for School Cash Online
  10. Reports:                                   Drop-down listing School Cash Accounting Reports
  11. User Guide:                            Link to Accounting User Guides




  1. Information :                   Access to Tip Sheet
  2. Sequence Buttons:                        Information > How to Reconcile

Find > Pre-defined searches of ledger records 

Reset > Unclear all cleared transactions

Finish Reconcile > Remaining must equal $0.00

Finish Later > Saves all work entered, returns to Main Menu

Back > Navigates to previous screen

Print > Pre-defined print options

  1. Option Tabs:                                     Defaults to Outstanding Transaction list, Add Record, Modify Record, Search, Void Check Wizard, Journal Entry (optional)
  2. Bank Balance:                                   Information entered during Step 1 of Reconciliation process
  3. Difference:                                        Cleared Items indicator
  4. Outstanding Transactions:          List of all outstanding transaction for the month
  5. Difference Of:                                  E & G must equal
  6. Multiple Reconciling                      Defaults to enabled. Will split transactions together
  7. Remaining:                                        Difference between cleared items and the balance.  Must equal to $0.00 to be able to Finish/Sign-off Reconciliation



Step 1:  Enter Ending Bank Balance

                From the bank statement below enter Ending Bank Balance: (as of September 30, 2018)




Remaining must equal $0.00

Select: Finish Reconcile


 SchoolCash Accounting User Guide - Reconciliation