I tried to delete a category but it won't allow this - Message Indicates it is Referenced in Other Transactions. 
When I create report 1 or 2 on this category, it shows no transactions in the report. 

What do you think is wrong? 


The criteria to prevent a user from deleting a category includes the following criteria, if the category involved:

1.    Is included in transactions in the current school year

2.    Is in use by at least one of the options for Year End Demographics in Demographics  

3.    Is in use by at least one of the options for Optional Account Settings in Demographics  

4.    Is in use as a difference category for any active cash drawers

5.    Is included in non-deleted items for the current school year

6.    Is included in non-deleted items with an end date in the future

7.    Is included in a non-deleted required item attachment from previous years with students who have not fully paid 

8.    Is included in a modified transaction as reported on report #15 Modification report