Capturing daily transaction records in SchoolCash is an important way to maintain transparency and ensure clean audits. To help your school achieve this objective, we’ve made it easier to add more information when completing checks, deposits, and transfers in SchoolCash Accounting. 


The attachment function allows you to attach two files (maximum size limit for each file is 25 MB), such as statements, invoices, or images, to any check, deposit, or transfer between categories within the current fiscal year. 

This allows bookkeepers and administrative staff to attach relevant information at the time they are processing checks, deposits, and transfers, which can help schools by:  

  • Improving visibility of transaction records 
  • Centralizing information of 
  • Reducing preparation time for audits 

Let’s take a closer look at how this feature works. 

In SchoolCash Accounting, the ‘check’, ‘deposit’ and ‘transfer’ windows have a button called ‘Attach Files’. Here’s where you’ll find the button when processing checks and deposits: 

When you’re performing transfers between categories, you’ll find the button here:


When you click ’Attach Files’, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to add files, view existing files, and delete files. To add a file, click the ’Add File’ button and select the file to upload. The file will automatically attach to the check, deposit, or transfer. 

When a file has been attached to a check, deposit, or transfer, the ‘Attach File’ button will be replaced with a link indicating the number of files that have been attached.  

Selecting the link will open the file attachment pop-up window, allowing you to add more files, download files, or delete attached files. 

This feature also allows you to download or delete attachments to checks, deposits, and transfers. To do this, select the ‘List View’ tab. You’ll see a paper clip icon in the ‘Files’ column that indicates whether an attachment(s) is associated with a transaction. 

Selecting the ‘Detailed View’ of a check, deposit, or transfer opens the file attachment pop-up window, allowing you to add another file, or download or delete the existing file(s). 

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