In viewing previous year catalogs, it has been noted that there is an item which is still active. 

What, if anything, should be done?


Note:  The item may have an optional or required attachment. This article is meant for an optional or required item where the end date was not entered correctly.


As per the scenario where the item of a previous year is still active, the expiry date will indicate a date beyond the end of the school year, beyond the date the item is being viewed.

Confirm, if this was the intended setup.

Should the item still indeed be active? Or should the expiry date have been the end of the school year, and a new item created for the current year fee.


What are the drawbacks to having an active item in a previous year.  

  1. The item will remain attached as an active item to parents who have not paid online. Again, is that what was intended?
  2. If a report is required, that school year must be selected from the year filter to view the item in the list. Even though it is active, it would not be available in the current school year list.
  3. Revenue from the previous year purchases would display in that fiscal year.
    Revenue received in the new catalog school year and fiscal year would display in the current year.
    Schools may wish to verify with their district administrators as to the impact, if any, for audits.


If the item should have been expired, this can be accomplished at this time. Run a report to determine if any purchases have been made beyond the end of school year and possibly fiscal year. Do they need to be refunded? Is there an item in the current year they should have purchased instead? 

Confirm with your district administrator as to a change of end date to the day after last purchase.  

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