Online Partial Payments is new functionality that gives parents the flexibility to make a series of partial payments through SchoolCash Online.  

Before this release, if a parent wanted to make a partial payment, they needed to pay in-person at the school. With the Online Partial Payments feature, parents can now make these payments online, saving them significant time and effort. Unlike scheduled payments that require parents to pay a set amount on scheduled dates, Online Partial Payments lets the parent enter any amount (over $1) and pay over time.

How to enable Online Partial Payments 

Once this feature is available for your district, the Online Partial Payments toggle will be visible on the Create Item page in SchoolCash Catalog.  

By default, the toggle will be turned OFF. To allow parents to make partial payments in SchoolCash Online, users creating the item simply turn the toggle to the ON position.

Parent View in SchoolCash Online 

The Item Price in SchoolCash Online will default to full payment. However, if an item is created with Online Partial Payments turned on, parents can check the “Pay a Partial Amount” checkbox if they choose to make a partial payment,. Parents can enter any amount greater than $1 to a maximum of the outstanding balance in the “Amount” field.  

Parents will be able to make additional partial payments or pay the outstanding balance in full. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Online Partial Payments feature gives parents the option to pay part of the item’s fee. They can pay the full amount of the item by leaving the “Pay a Partial Amount” unchecked and clicking on the “Add to Cart” button. 

Payment History and Receipt 

The SchoolCash Online payment history will reflect the partial payments and outstanding balance as a reference for parents. Receipts will be issued for the amount paid.  

Additional Information

Reports, refunds, reminder emails, and in-person payments (SchoolCash Register) are compatible with online partial payments and will continue to work as per the current capabilities. 

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