This feature allows users to apply a refund to multiple payments at the same time.  It helps save time when users are dealing with a high number of refunds.

 A new section has been added to allow users to input the refund amount to process.


How to apply a refund amount to multiple students.

1. Select item

2. Click Refund button

Figure 1

  1. Select students where payments are to be refunded
    a. In the screenshot, all students were selected. (Figure 1)
  2. Input the amount to be refunded in the Refund Amount field located at the top of the screen. (Figure 1)
  3. Click Apply
    a. The amount will be applied to all selected student payments
    b. When the Refund Amount exceeds the Available for Refund amount, a message will warn the user that the individual payment(s) will be deselected.
  4. To continue with the refund process, simply click on the refund button.