Have you been looking for a brief explanation of each SchoolCash Catalog report?

Review this article for a guide. How to Generate Reports

Item Attachment Report – Perfect when you need a list of payments by item

    This is the report to run to include the students with an outstanding payment

    How-To Schedule an Item Attachment Report

   Saved Report - Saving Item Attachment Report Filters

Item Order Report – Perfect when you want to know who bought what

    FYI: Outstanding is in the payment drop-down list but is not available for this report

    It includes choice selections, but not the number of purchases per choice

    2 Item Order Report CSV Breakdown - Value-Based Pricing (VBP) Transactional


Item Option Report – Perfect when you want a summary of what choices have been purchased

    This report includes the number of purchases for each choice, summary and by purchaser

    TIP: Run report without entering dates for a complete list of the purchases

    3 Item with Options Report for Vendor & Distribution - Value-Based Pricing (VBP) Transactional

Account/Category Report – Perfect to view total revenue collected in a specific account/category

    A date range can be selected

Student Balance Report – Perfect when you need to know outstanding account balances

    This is a good report to run if the student is leaving the school

    Inactive Students with Outstanding Fees

Batch Report – Perfect for tracking online payment deposits and reconciliation

    Report can be run by Payment Method

    This finds all the batches that appear as “Direct Deposit” on your bank statement


Payment Schedule Report – Perfect for tracking items that allow multiple (installment) payments

    Report - Scheduled Payments

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