Where to navigate to verify purchases and confirm refunds for a student?


Viewing the Student Attachments page will provide information as to the items attached to the student, whether they paid or had the payment refunded.


Navigate to the SchoolCash Catalog, view items window > Student Attachments tab


  1. Student Attachment:      Navigates to View Student Attachments Page


View Student Attachments Page

  1. Search / Filter:                       Enter Search values and/or Filter values to refine the list of students
  2. Search (button):                    to generate the Search
  3. Item Attachments:                Click on View link to view the student’s attachments and payments
  4. Scheduled Payments:           Click on View link to view and/or cancel Scheduled Payments
  5. Refund:                                   Click on Refund link to refund an individual payment(s) for a student
  6. Items:                                      Select drop-down menu > View Items to return to List of Items page

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