Where do the comments appear when entering a payment?


Comments entered can be seen on the following:

·SCR Close Out Report (Sales Activity Summary by Student section)

·SCR Payment Details (select underlined item name in Item History)

·SCR Statement

·SCR Receipts

·SCC Category Report


In item history the comment shows at the top of the box beside the fee name.

Steps to add Comments:
From Main Menu > My School Store > SchoolCash Register
1. Search for required student
2. Select required item for payment
3. Enter any text in the Comments field

Comments can also be added when items are attached to students in School Cash Catalog.
Steps to Add Comments in School Cash Catalog:
From Main Menu > My School Store > SchoolCash Catalog
1. Create item
2. Click Attach
3. Enter any Comments in the Comment field
4. Complete Student Attachment