Please note that the deployments are done in a phased approach to all boards.   

The following updates were made to SchoolCash Accounting 2023.XX release. 

Easier Way for Bookkeepers to Perform Further Analysis on Report Data 

Users with access to the two following reports, can now export these reports to a .CSV file for further analysis: 

  • District Audit report 
  • District Deposit Statement Summary 

The changes to the reports include: 

  • An “Export” button will appear on the report page 
  • The .CSV file is automatically downloaded to the user’s machine when the “Export” button is clicked

The new export functionality will be added to additional district level reports in subsequent releases  

Users Get Additional Information in the “District Category Report” Export  

When the “District Category Report” is exported to a .CSV file, users will now see the following additional information: 

  • School Number
  • Bank Account Number 
  • Bank Account Name 
  • Category Name 
  • Category Number 

It also includes the $0 schools.

Easier Way to View Users with Access to Multiple Schools 

In the recent release of the User Management module, we have made it easier to view users who have access to multiple schools.   

To see specific schools associated with this user, a pop-up window will appear when the user clicks on the word “Multiple” and schools will be displayed in alphabetical order.