To access the refund page for public items, users must access the public items checkout page first and click on the Refunds tab.

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Users can search for items by:

  • Email: All public items purchased in SchoolCash Register associated with the email address will be displayed on the screen.
  • Receipt number: All items included on the receipt will be displayed on the screen.
  • Purchase date: All public items purchases made on the selected date will be displayed on the screen.

*Only items purchased within 365 days will be displayed for refunds.

Name: Displays the item name.

Purchase Date: Displays the purchase date.

Payment: Displays the total amount paid.

Tender: Displays the payment method used.

Available for Refund: Displays the total refundable amount.

  • This amount subtracts any previous partial refunds to prevent duplication.

Refund: Input field to indicate the amount to be refunded.

Once the refund amount has been entered, the user can select the method of refund by clicking on the Cash/Check/Credit Card buttons located at the bottom right corner for the screen.

The complete Feature Release Information for purchasing and refunding a Public Item purchased in the SchoolCash Register, select the following link to move to that article.

Public Items Purchase Using SchoolCash Register