We're excited to announce the new Online Partial Payments feature that gives parents the flexibility to make partial payments through SchoolCash Online.  

Before this release, if a parent wanted to make a partial payment, they needed to pay in-person at the school. With the Online Partial Payments feature, parents can now make these payments online, saving them significant time and effort. Unlike scheduled payments that require the parents to pay a set amount on scheduled dates, Online Partial Payments lets the parent enter any amount (over $1) and pay over time.

This is a terrific way for parents to pay for more expensive items over time or if they need to spread out payments for financial reasons. 

Online Partial Payments is an optional setting in the SchoolCash platform. Bookkeepers simply set the ‘Online Partial Payments’ toggle to ON when setting up an item. The toggle is turned OFF by default. 

Read the solution article Setting up Online Partial Payments to learn more.