How do I process a refund for a payment made online?

(Please note that purchases made online may not be available for refund until 24 hours after purchase is made)

Parent purchased item Online within the last 360 days: 

How to Process a Refund – Online Payments 

There are two (2) options to refund online payments.  

Option 1: Individual Student  

Option 2: Group of Students 


Option 2: Group of Students Refund 


Step 1: Select Item that requires a refund, then click Refund button   



Step 2Select Student(s) that requires a refund.  To refund all payments, select checkbox to left of  
Student Name 



  1. Enter Refund Amount (partial refunds can be processed) 

  1. Click Refund 


Step 3: Enter Reason for refunding 



  1. Enter Reason for the refund 

  1. Click Refund or Cancel to stop refund process 


Step 4Funds are returned to payee(s) 


Please Note: 

  • The funds will be withdrawn from the school’s bank account that evening and returned to the payee’s bank account or credit card 

  • A Batch Report will be generated 

  • A ledger transaction will be entered for the refund 

  • SchoolCash Catalog reports will reflect refunds immediately, the actual movement of funds will require a reasonable amount of processing time depending on the method of payment 

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