We're thrilled to announce that our much-anticipated Fall 2023 Release features are here. New features will begin to be deployed beginning January 30, 2024, for districts that are active on the new payment processor. Clients still in the onboarding process can expect to see new features live upon activation. 


If you haven’t already done so, be sure to acknowledge the updated Terms & Conditions sent to your district so you can start taking advantage of these new enhancements. 

QR Codes on Receipts

Beginning December 7, 2023, all new and existing barcodes on receipts will be automatically replaced with QR codes which will allow you to scan much faster. 

Learn more >

Improved Checkout Experience

With over 70% of parents/guardians using SchoolCash Online on their mobile devices, we’ve optimized the checkout experience to be more streamlined and mobile-friendly. And with the addition of Apple Pay and Google Pay, parents/guardians will enjoy an even faster checkout experience.

See the new checkout experience >

Mask Student Numbers on Reports

We understand the sensitivity around student data which is why we’re giving you the flexibility to hide student numbers on several reports. 

Get the full list of reports and learn how to mask student numbers >

Faster Reconciliation

We know how time-consuming reconciliations can be, which is why we’ve enhanced our reconciliation tool to be more intuitive and made process changes to reduce the frequency of non-zero differences between debit and credit transactions.

Reconciliation User Guide (US | Canada | Transitioning From Moneris)

Get Greater Visibility Into Chargebacks 

Facilitate efficient settlement of disputes with complete visibility of chargebacks and receipts right from within the SchoolCash platform. Not only that but, the reimbursement of funds back to the district will automatically be initiated.

Step-by-step guide on how to manage chargebacks > 

Self-Schedule Item Attachment Reports

You’ll soon be able to set up and automate sending recurring Item Attachment reports to your preferred recipients.

How to schedule item attachment reports > 

Pull district-wide Item Reports in the Catalog

Our 3 newest reports will help eliminate the manual and cumbersome effort of compiling district reports for all schools. You’ll soon be able to pull the Item Attachment, Item Order, and Item Option Reports for your entire district with the click of a button.

Learn how to access district-level item reports>

Run District Fee Reports for Your School

No need to send one-off district fee reports to schools. School users can now generate District Catalog items reports for students at their school.

How to run district fee reports for your school >

Collect Outstanding Fees from Inactive Students

You can now easily collect fees through SchoolCash Online from parents/guardians of students who have moved to a new school.

View and pay for outstanding fees from inactive students > 

Prepopulate Form Fields with Smart Elements

Our most common form fields have been converted to smart elements so they can be auto-populated, which will save your parents/guardians time and increase the accuracy of the data collected by schools and districts.  

Learn how to use Smart Elements >


OneRoster Compatible

For customers who are about to migrate to a new SIS provider or who have had technical difficulties sending SIS data to SchoolCash, our new OneRoster integration ensures we can access your SIS files with ease.

Eliminated Item Image Size Limits

You’ll never waste another second resizing images. We’ve removed all item image size limits so you can choose any image when creating items and attach it with ease.