Can you print a check without displaying the check number? 


When a check number is pre-printed on the check, user will be required to remove it on the check layout prior to printing.

The check number displays in the Req. Number field on the Issue Checks form, coinciding with the pre-printed check number.


To remove the check number from the printed requisition, select:

From Main Menu > Issue Check - Disbursements

1.    Click Print button 

2.    Select Change Check Layout from drop-down list

3.    Hover over, and click the check number

4.    While depressing the mouse, drag the number to the column beyond the form edge 

5.    Select Save Changes button (bottom right of window)

6.    A warning will display, click OK to save the changes

7.    Select Test Print to review the form to ensure the number is not present.

8.    The number will be present in the 2nd and 3rd section of the layout, as the check number is pre-printed on the 

    check stub, but not typically on section 2 and 3 of the form.  However, if it is, remove these numbers same as above.

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