How does Limit Per Student work?

Default: Limit Per Student equals one (1), for one Add to Cart/Purchase for the student.


Limit Per Student default is changed to Greater Than One (1) to a maximum of Two (2);
Limit Quantity = Default, Unlimited

Limit Per Student of this example allows for two (2) purchases per student. 
The Limit Per Student toggle is not changed to grey, only amount is increased!

Limit Quantity default of Unlimited remains unchanged.

Scenario: A parent has two children and wants to purchase up to two of the fee for each child. 

  • Fee was attached to both children


  • When Limit Per Student default of One (1) is changed to Two (2), the quantity field for the fee on SchoolCash Online is activated. The purchaser can make choice selections, can change the quantity to no more than two for purchase.
    • Parent selects Child #1 and purchases fee once or twice, 
      then selects Child #2 and purchases fee once or twice 
    • Note: To confirm, the parent will not be able to purchase four under one child, as the limit was changed to a maximum of two.

  • The Limit Quantity remains as the default of Unlimited
    • Why? Because there is not an availability maximum. 

Example: Track and Field Sweat Set (no more than 2 sets per student)

The SchoolCash Online window would display with two options, each with a cost. The Option Minimum and Maximum were left at 1:1, providing the choices with a circle (radio button). This forces the purchaser to make a hoodie size and a sweat pant size selection. 

The Limit Per Student is set to two (2). This means the quantity field is available.

Could order both sets in one order.

Or could order different sizes (1 sweat suit set with different sizing)

Why might parent do this? Possibly the student has been growing and parent is afraid the student will outgrow before end of season. 

Examples below show this can be achieved.


NOTE: Because the Limit Per Student is set to 2 in our example, the following happens when we try to order another set for the same student (Ryan)

However, if we select his brother Zachary, we are unable to add 3 sets for him. We receive the same warning as above.



We are successful adding one or two sweat set(s) for him. But they must be selected under him, as we cannot go beyond two for Ryan as the Limit per Student is set to 2.


The system will change the quantity to the number available. If parent has purchased one set prior to this purchase, they would only be able to purchase 1 additional set. The system tracks how many of the item has been purchased for that student.

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