Can a public or unlisted fee be refunded after it expires?


The expiry date will remove the item from the district's SchoolCash Online>items web page.

Do NOT turn the toggle grey. It is not necessary to change an item from public or unlisted. 

If you accidentally deactivate the public or unlisted toggle, you will NOT see the public or unlisted purchases!

To access the names again, fix the issue by selecting the public or unlisted toggle. You will now have access to the names of those who purchased using the public or unlisted access.

Refunding a Public Purchase:

  • Select SchoolCash Catalog
  • Select the item requiring a refund (from the Active or Expired list)
  • Click Refund tab
    • The payments available for refund will display

NOTE: If an item was attached to a student attachment, as well as made Public or Unlisted, Public purchases appear after the school student attachment purchases.

  • Select checkbox beside purchaser's name
    • The refund field will activate.
  • Enter Refund Amount and Reason
  • The individual will be refunded to the original method of payment.

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