What are the SchoolCash Catalog report export formats?


SchoolCash Catalog reports are generated by selecting filters and sort options. The report is viewable after the filters section of the window.

SchoolCash Catalog reports may be exported using one of the following export options:

  • Acrobat (PDF) file
  • CSV (comma delimited), also referred to as comma separated value
  • Excel 97-2003
  • Excel Worksheet

Which format option can you use for the various reports?

Recommended: CSV (comma delimited)

The CSV (comma delimited) export format option is recommended when wanting to

  • sort a report in a different manner
  • remove columns within the report
  • add calculations, and/or 
  • Add formatting. 
The CSV export format option offers the most flexibility.

Report Examples

  • Adoption Report – Registration – may wish to revise sort or filter without recreating
  • Student Balance Report – for entire grade or school, etc. – may want to revise sort or filter for a specific grade
  • Item Option or Item Order Report for items with options and choices – allows for many sorting options, removal of columns, addition of filters or more advanced features

Acrobat (PDF) File, Excel 97-2003, Excel Worksheet

Review the report or item. Often one of these export formats will suffice.

Report Examples

  • Adoption Report – School and Home Reports – generates a one-page report
  • Student Balance Report – generated for an individual student
  • Item Order Report for a basic item with no options and choices - Sort By or Student Filters selections will generate a static report in the desired format


  1. Item Attachment Report
    1. View button – Report displays at the end of filter area, with above export options, or
    2. Export button – User may have the report emailed or download to a .CSV (comma delimited)
  2. Batch Report – filters and report creation buttons are selected:
    1. Generate button – Report displays at the end of filter area, with above export options, or
    2. Export button – Report displays in new window, with Download option

How to Generate Reports